1. Is there any fee associated with sending my child to Youth Center programs?

There is a one-time registration fee with the After School Program. Our Summer Center Program also has a fee. Both fees help offset the cost of running each of the programs.  Please see After School Program page or Summer Center page for more information. Nominal fees are also associated with all of our programs for special events, etc. There is a vending machine located in the front room and also have snacks available for purchase during special events throughout the year.   

2. Does MYSB offer any type of counseling services?

Yes! MYSB offers both individual and family counseling services for Montville residents only. Counseling services operate on a sliding fee scale. MYSB counseling services do not accept any type of insurance. To make a referral please call (860) 848-7724 x111 to leave a confidential message for our counselor, Darin D'Amaddio, LCSW.


3. Is MYSB a place for kids with behavior problems?

MYSB does not believe there are any "bad" kids. Sometimes kids make poor choices; but every kid deserves a break. MYSB firmly believes that all kids are "at risk" of making a poor choice, and we are here to try to prevent and intervene this from happening. Our job is to promote healthy behaviors and positive youth development programs. We are committed to helping any child with his or her social development by providing positive alternatives to risky behaviors.


4. Is Montville Youth Service Bureau a daycare?

MYSB is NOT a daycare center. Our After School Program is a quality program providing Montville Youth, grades 4-12, with a safe, drug and violence free space to go during the after school hours. Each school provides bus transportation to the youth center. Meeting the needs of our community's youth and families is key. There is a one time registration fee to participate in MYSB's After School Program, registration is required, and a waiting list is in place. For further information, please call us at (860) 848-7724!


5. What type of experience does the staff have?

All together, Montville Youth Service Bureau staff has been with the Bureau for over 25 years. All staff receive extensive training in providing services to youth and families. Ongoing training and certification are an integral part of providing best- practice services that meet or exceed current industry standards. You should feel comfortable and confident having your children participate in our programs.


 Barbara Lockhart, MS
Barbara has been the YSB Program Director for 20 years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology & Human Relations from Connecticut College in 1996, and a Master's Degree in Social Work and Community Organization from Capella University in 2008. Barbara is also certified in Mental Health First Aid, The One Circle Evidence based curriculum & Psychological First Aid. Barbara is a trained member of the Montville Suicide Prevention Team, a member of the Mayor's Orange Ribbon Coalition, an active board member of the Southeastern Regional Action Council & President of the Connecticut Youth Services Association. Barbara grew up in Montville and lives here with her husband Greg of 20 years, she has three grown children. She loves her coffee, travelling and the beach!

 Kimberly Grant, BA
Kim has been the YSB Program Developer for 10 years. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University in 2006. She is a certified One Circle facilitator and an active member of the Southeastern Regional Action Council Prevention Team. Kim worked for the City of Groton Parks & Recreation Summer Program for many years and was a substitute teacher at Groton Public Schools. Kim resides in Groton where she is also active in her local community Youth Advisory Committee. Kim loves sports, purses and jewelry!

 Dianne Peltier
         Dianne began working as the MYSB Administrative Assistant 7 years ago. She is a graduate of Briarwood College. Dianne lives in Montville with her husband. She has 3 daughters, loves being a soccer mom and softball coach and always has a smile for everyone who comes through the youth center door.

Darin D'Amaddio, LCSW 
         Darin has been our in-house counselor for the past 9 years. He is a licensed clinical social worker and a certified school social worker. Darin is a dual graduate of the University of Connecticut. He is an avid outdoorsman, loves sports and good humor. 

Alicia Seltzer, BA
         Alicia just began her fifth year in the YSB After School Program as a Program Assistant. Alicia earned her Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Psychology from Bay Path College in Massachusetts. Alicia is also a long term substitute in New London Public School System. She loves baking, dance and helping with the MHS Band. 









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Our department is open, however the front door is locked. If you need assistance, please ring the call box located on the brick building to the right of the front door.


Begins Monday, August 30th   First day of school

Print - ASP Paperwork

Space is available. Paperwork is available at MYSB to fill out. Please bring a $100 deposit. (Cash or check only payable to "MYSB")

$400 total yearly fee

$100 non-refundable deposit @ registration - $300 balance due August 25th or 60 days after registration date

Monday-Friday after school until 6pm
Open on half days until 5:30! Homework assistance is available!

Montville Residents 4th grade through 12th grade
Transportation is provided from the Montville Schools,
but parents must arrange pick up from the Youth Center

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Stay Safe...and as always, Be kind!
































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