1. Is there any fee associated with sending my child to Youth Center programs?

There is a one time registration fee of associated with the After School Program. Our Summer Center Program also has a fee. Both fees help offset the cost of running each of the programs.  Please see After School Program page or Summer Center page for more information. Nominal fees are also associated with all of our programs for trips, special events, etc. We also have snacks available for purchase during those programs. See below.  

20oz Sodas / Juices - $1.50
Ice Cream - $0.75- $1.50
Snacks - $0.40 to $1.10
Hot Chocolate - $.50


2. Does MYSB offer any type of counseling services?

Yes! MYSB offers both individual and family counseling services for Montville residents only. Counseling services operate on a sliding fee scale. MYSB counseling services do not accept any type of insurance. To make a referral please call (860) 848-7724 x111 to leave a confidential message for our counselor, Darin D'Amaddio, LCSW.


3. Is MYSB a place that only "bad" kids go?

MYSB does not believe there are any "bad" kids. Sometimes kids do things that may be considered bad; but every kid deserves a chance. MYSB firmly believes that all kids are "at risk" in one way or another, and we are here to try to prevent and intervene when certain behaviors are putting kids at risk. Our job is to promote healthy behaviors and positive youth development programs. We are committed to helping any child with his or her social development by providing positive alternatives to risky behaviors.


4. Is Montville Youth Service Bureau a daycare?

MYSB is NOT a daycare center. Our After School Program is a quality program providing Montville Youth, grades 4-12, with a safe, drug and violence free space to go during the after school hours. Each school provides bus transportation to the youth center. Meeting the needs of our community's youth and families is key. There is a one time registration fee to participate in MYSB's After School Program, registration is required, and a waiting list is in place. For further information, please call us at (860) 848-7724!


5. What type of experience does the staff have?

All together, Montville Youth Service Bureau staff has been with the Bureau for over 15 years. Our primary staff holds a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Our Program and Center Assistants hold bachelors degrees or are working towards their degrees.  All staff receives extensive training in providing services to youth and families. Ongoing training and certification are an integral part of providing best- practice services that meet or exceed current industry standards. You should feel comfortable and confident having your children participate in our programs.




Mandatory Parent Meeting for ALL Parents of ALL After School Participants.
Thursday, August 13th from 6-8pm.
Please call the office to RSVP or set up a time to meet with staff if you can't attend the meeting. 

The 2015-2016 After School Program currently has a waiting list in place.
Fill out the registration packet and drop off to the Youth Center today to be placed on the waiting list!! Don't wait!
2015-2016 After School Program 





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